Documenting our learning

Customising Meteor Starter

Meteor speeds up development by making assumptions about how you'll build your app. Meteor Starter is a Meteor boilerplate that does the same. For those who are unfamiliar, take a moment to read what [...]

Could you teach Meteor in Ghana?

Could you teach Ghanian entrepreneurs how to build Meteor apps? I recently moved to Accra to do just that. The school is looking already looking for the next wave of [...]

The story of Meteor Admin

Once upon a time, I swore by Wordpress. I had got pretty good at using advanced custom fields and using custom post types to do pretty much anything I wanted. [...]

Meteor in Ghana!

I was at a Bitcoin meetup in Berlin where I met Falk Benke talking about a remittance startup now called Beam Remit. Right at the end of his talk, he [...]

Meteor as a frontend tool

We're happy to announce the first public beta of Flightminer! It's been a long time in the making, but we think the finished product is worth the wait. Flightminer is [...]

A Meteor development agency

One year ago I decided that I wanted to start my own development agency. Originally this was to be called Code2Create and we advertised ourselves as specialising in 3 areas: Wordpress [...]

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