A Meteor development agency

One year ago I decided that I wanted to start my own development agency. Originally this was to be called Code2Create and we advertised ourselves as specialising in 3 areas:

  • WordPress
  • Angular
  • Meteor

Within 6 months, it had become clear to me. I wanted to focus entirely on Meteor.

I was enjoying Meteor more and more and soon I couldn’t bare to work without it. I even started rewriting old WordPress projects in Meteor because I couldn’t bare to work with PHP anymore. Next, I discovered Coffeescript and radically reduced my code base. I felt as if I had a lot of control over what was being produced.

Is it possible to find enough Meteor work?

I started off as a freelancer on Odesk. There’s not a lot of Meteor-specific work, but the important thing is that demand is greater than supply. Within my first week I had my first job working on an existing project. This was good because it forced me to use a different coding style and to slot in with someone else’s work. At that time, I realised that I wanted to be the one employing opposed to being employed and I resolved to find my own project.

A week later I was contacted by a first-time entrepreneur. His idea was to build a private Reddit for companies. This was Meteor 101 and work quickly got underway.

Soon, I was convincing teams in Berlin to drop their 2 months of programming work and start again with Meteor. I was an evangelist who often got hired as a result of his work!

Growing a business around Meteor

There are three types of people who work with us:

1. They’ve been told Meteor is great

Meteor is still new, but there are a lot of people who’ve heard about it. MeteorFactory.io has got a couple of gigs from entrepreneurs who’ve heard about this great new framework from someone they trust. They don’t really understand what Meteor is or why it’s so great, but they’re confident that it’s right for them.

2. They’re sold on the benefits of Meteor

Meteor is such a quick and flexible framework that we can offer a lot of our customers much more than our Rails/Django rivals. When we provide a client with an estimate, we do so based on an hourly basis. Often our number of hours is dramatically less than the competition allowing us to undercut them in price.

3. They know Meteor is great

Techies and CTOs-turned-CEOs can begin to understand why Meteor is worth a shot. They come to us with a plan in mind and ask us whether we can build it in Meteor. We say yes.

How we meet our clients

We’ve been really lucky with our clients up till now with no shortage of business. The way that we’ve found clients include


I maintain a number of popular repos including Meteor Admin and the boilerplate Meteor Starter. In addition to the intrinsic benefit of helping a community that’s helped me so much, maintain open source projects improves your code and forges good connections. Some of these connections are people looked for professional Meteor services.


I have personally received a number of leads and job offers through my profile on WeWorkMeteor.com. I’m also lucky to have been forwarded jobs from other developers on there who are too busy at that moment in time.


I set up a profile on Odesk ages ago and it was this experience that taught me that being a Meteor developer was viable.

Learn.MeteorFactory.io (hopefully)

I got a job teaching Meteor in Ghana at MEST. In preparation, I have to prepare a lot of content including lecture slides, demo repos and video guides. I wanted this content to be as far reaching as possible and thought the best way was to organise it via a WordPress site. (Yes, that’s right, I’m not using Meteor for this one…). This will hopefully bolster the online presence of MeteorFactory.io as a source of professional Meteor development.


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