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Our process


1. Understand and define

Your startup is a hypothesis that needs to be tested. What problem are you solving? Who will be your beta-testers and first-customers be? When and how will you start to make money? It’s important to know what the core problem for your users is and how we can measure whether your solution is working.

2. Plan and design

How does your product solve the user’s problem? What are the key actions? Using storyboards and wireframes, we generate user stories and a rough outline of the product and its different areas. It’s important to let your imagination run wild, but eventually we need to agree on a small set of features that will test your assumption.

3. Launch as fast as possible

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you launched too late” – Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. Your MVP (minimum viable product) is the smallest possible version of your product that can test your theory. Launching before you product is perfect may feel scary, but it avoids spends months or years working on an assumption that’s false.

4. Track and iterate

How are users behaving in relation to the goals you set out in step 1? We use Google Analytics and others to track your users’ behaviour. From this, we can refine our hypothesis improve the user experience and prioritise the backlog of new features. Weekly production releases mean you can react quickly and grow faster.

And eventually…

We can help you find a new team. We know how to find good developers and build our products using the best standards.

Our communication stack

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