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Great products. Happy customers

Aeternity Blockchain

Scalable smart contracts interfacing with real world data

Aeternity is a new blockchain technology, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability. Meteor Factory helped build the application layer.


Aeternity has a market cap of over $500m


Access the best golf coaches in the world

Skillest connects you with the best golf coaching at a fraction of the cost of what you’d normally pay. Get a one-on-one lesson or subscribe for 24/7 swing support.



Digital tools for the food industry

Fooducer makes it easier for food professionals to reach out, showcase products, tell their story and distribute the necessary product information.


We’ve been Fooducer’s sole dev team since 2015

Health Natives

A social network for patients

HealthNatives is a social network and suite of tools for patients with chronic illnesses.
Users create a health profile, monitor their stats and, most importantly, connect with similar patients.



B2B wine ordering system

Wijntransport is a wine seller from the Netherlands who wanted a fast search and order experience for it’s customers, a data sync with his warehouse management system and  a CMS for the news feed. All this was combined in a new look and an overall fast user experience. The algolia search implementation is used for product search and for the order process.



A community for actors and filmmakers

For reelly we adopted the telescope platform and made some custom adjustments. The main piece of interest is that users can post vimeo clips and they can define the start and stop time. This way they can just pick the scene they want to emphasize instead of playing the whole video.