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How we can work together

Two week MVP sprint

Explore, build and test your idea in 2 weeks.

You have a great idea that you think could be make it big. We’ll work with you to figure out exactly what is your core assumption and how to test it.

Week 1

We get to know you, your market and your ideas. We spin up a landing page with an email form to start gauging interest. Together, we’ll come up with a marketing strategy and make a list of communities who could be your early adopters.

Our product manager and designer will collaborate with you and your first users to figure out how to generate a UX/UI experience that will capture the essence of the problem that you’re trying to solve, borrowing ideas and techniques from the Google design sprint process.

Week 2

Development ramps up. We’ll use Meteor or another framework to quickly build an MVP, developing a robust subset of functions.

After testing internally, we’ll get real beta testers to try the product. Based on their feedback, we’ll iterate at least once, aiming for the biggest gains for the smallest amount of effort.

At the end of the sprint, you’ll push your product out to beta-users and and the wider community. Based on their reaction, we’ll reflect on your core assumption and begin to plan the next steps.

Cost: €11,000 for a two week sprint

Other services

Ongoing development

You can think of us as a CTO  / CPO as a service. Our product managers will communicate with you on a daily basis to prioritise features and bugfixes. Our lead devs make sure the codebase grows sustainably and predictably.

Rewrite a project

Your company has a product, but the codebase is a mess and you feel like it’s holding back your growth. We rewrite it so that your product development can keep up with your vision.


Many companies already have an in-house team. While they might be great developers, perhaps they don’t quite have the experienced required to reach production level in Meteor or React Native. We offer a senior developer who will review the code in order to make recommendations and suggest best practices moving forward.