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What is Meteor?

Meteor is a full stack JavaScript platform for building web and mobile apps.

Why is Meteor good for MVPs and startups?

Meteor lets you develop fast. Like, really fast. It avoids reinventing the wheel so tasks like adding Facebook login are a one line command.

It also comes with an awesome user experience by default. Meteor has live data updating, meaning you never have to refresh a page once you load an app – the changes will appear as if by magic

What technologies does Meteor use?

Meteor is pure JavaScript.

  • Backend: Node.js
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Frontend: Up to you! We like using React.
  • Data layer: powered by websockets

Is Meteor production ready for bigger startups?

Meteor is best known for fast prototyping and iterations. Just because it’s good at this, it doesn’t mean it’s not production ready. There are many larger companies using Meteor.

If you ever decided to move away from the framework, it would be relatively easy to port your code as Meteor is JavaScript.

When is Meteor not a good choice for startups?

Meteor is not particularly good at SEO (although this is quickly changing) so it wouldn’t be the right choice for a blog.

Also, if you don’t need realtime data or any of the other benefits, there’s no point using Meteor as it just adds complexity. This site is static and SEO is important so Meteor is not used.


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